Undue influence exists when a testator is coerced or compelled to execute a will due to improper pressure from another individual. In many cases, the person accused of undue influence is a family member, friend, health care worker or fiduciary who is a trusted advisor or confidant of the testator. In Florida, undue influence is a cause of action that can be used to challenge the validity of a will after the testator’s death.

What Constitutes Undue Influence Under Florida Law?

Undue influence can occur under a wide variety of circumstances. Sometimes the undue influencer is a family member or intended beneficiary who coerces the decedent to write other beneficiaries out of his or her will. Other times, the undue influencer is a new acquaintance who befriends the decedent near the end of his or her life in an effort to exert control over changes to the decedent’s will. Undue influence is also an example of fiduciary abuse when a trusted advisor, such as an attorney or accountant, coerces the decedent into changing a will to benefit the fiduciary.

Undue influence cannot be proven by showing that an individual merely gave advice or persuaded the decedent to make certain decisions with regard to a will. Rather, the crucial issues are whether the decedent was vulnerable to confusion or fear, and whether his or her free agency and willpower were destroyed, making his or her actions the product of another person.

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