Representing Creditors And Estates

When an individual dies, his or her estate must go through the probate process and all debts must be paid. Often these debts are related to hospital, long-term care and other medical expenses that accrued prior to the decedent’s death. Estate taxes, funeral and burial costs must also be addressed.

In Florida, most creditors are required to file their claims for payment within a time specified by law. Certain creditors, such as mortgage holders and the IRS, are exempt from this requirement. If creditors fail to file their claims by the deadline, their claims are barred by law. Even if a creditor has an existing judgment against the decedent, it must still file a claim for payment with the probate court after the decedent dies.

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Disputes sometimes arise when creditors bring their claims after the applicable deadline or if there is a disagreement as to the validity of a creditor’s claim. At the Law Office of David M. Garten, Esq., we help both creditors and estates with the efficient resolution of estate disputes. For more than 25 years, our firm has represented clients in West Palm Beach and surrounding communities with professionalism and one-on-one, personal attention.

We assist creditors in understanding their rights, while advising them on whether their claims must be brought in probate court and whether statutory time limits apply to those claims. We assist estates in filing objections to creditor claims brought after the time limits specified by law. We also negotiate settlement of valid claims. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, lawyer David M. Garten provides experienced, aggressive trial representation to both estates and creditors involved inprobate litigation.

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